1. Post the bond in your state criminal case OR work out your case by plea bargaining and completing any sentence imposed by the judge, AND
  2. Go into immigration custody and post an immigration bond.

Many people facing ICE holds believe that there is no choice but to take the first plea bargain offered. Jailers, police officers, ICE officers, prosecutors, judges and even misinformed defense attorneys often convince defendants that they have to remain in jail until their state case is resolved.

NOT TRUE! In most cases, you can bond out of state jail and then bond out of ICE custody. Then you can deal with the state charges in state court and the deportation matter in immigration court while free on bond.

What if the jail tells me I can’t put up a bond or it is no use putting up a bond?

If a state bond has been set, an illegal alien has the right to post the bond. Jailers often tell people trying to post bonds for illegals that they can’t post a bond because they want to help ICE and make you believe that you have no alternative to deportation. Call us if you have this problem.