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14 07, 2020


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How do I find out the bond amount for my family member? Usually ICE tells the detainee.  But you can also call ICE at 612-843-8600, extension 5. Who can pay the bond? The person who pays the bond must be a Lawful Permanent Resident or U.S. citizen who speaks English (to be able to read the [...]

2 07, 2020

Information You Should Know for Your Immigration Bond Hearing

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WHAT IS A BOND? The bond is what immigration asks for as a guarantee that you will attend all of your hearings. You are promising that, if they release you from detention, you will go to all your court hearings and do what the judge orders you to do—even if that includes being deported. Remember, if [...]

24 06, 2020

The Two Main Types of Immigration Bonds

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The Types Of Immigration Bonds There are two main types of immigration bonds that are available to illegal residents of the U.S. when they are placed in ICE custody. But only if they are found not to be a threat to national security or the safety of the public. A delivery bond is for an illegal [...]

13 06, 2020

What Happens If I Overstay My US Visa

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Whether you’re visiting family or enjoying a vacation in the United States, you’re going to need a visa. A US visa allows foreign nationals to enter the country legally. However, it’s quite common for some to overstay their US visa. Our staff of immigration experts at All n One Immigration Bonds gives several pointers on what [...]

6 06, 2020

Are Immigration Bonds Refundable?

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Immigration bonds are a popular choice for those who have loved ones being held in detainment by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. This is because they allow the immigrant to be released from detainment and return to their families while their case processes in court. Unfortunately, immigration bonds can be costly for families and [...]

31 05, 2020


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The Trump administration has not been kind to immigrants historically. And it seems as though this is not going to change anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it seems as though this year’s immigration update will be even harsher. with the introduction of a new registration system, stricter guidelines for visas, and more reasons for [...]

14 04, 2020

General Suspension of Routine Visa Services

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The Department of State has suspended routine visa services at all U.S. Embassies and Consulates. On March 20, 2020, (U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Visa Office) updated the following news alert: "In response to worldwide challenges related to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Department of State is suspending routine visa services at all [...]

6 04, 2020

Covid 19 Immigration Notices.

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The Following two reports are notices regarding immigration status of reviews of changes made due to the Covid 19 Outbreak Please note that Bonds can still be processed and releases are still happening during this perios. If you have any questions feel free to call us.  Thank you All N One Immigratgion Bonds -1-833-730-0511 Executive Office [...]

16 03, 2020

How the Coronavirus Will Affect US Immigration

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re-posted from VISA PLACE written by:By Casey March 13, 2020 How the Coronavirus Will Affect US Immigration As the world deals with a public health emergency in the shape of the COVID-19 outbreak, experts worry President Trump’s immigration policies may put everyone at risk. Struggles to contain the spread of Coronavirus, its immigration policies may well heighten this crisis. The “public charge” rule [...]

6 03, 2020

Factors Government to Consider under New Public Rule

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On the same day the Public Charge Rule went into effect (February 24, 2020), immigrant advocates held a teach-in at Boston City Hall to try to lessen the uncertainty and fear that has been spreading through immigrant communities. The Administration has stated that the Public Charge “[R]ule will protect hardworking American taxpayers, safeguard welfare programs for truly needy [...]