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One of the biggest problems that immigrants face is learning about immigration bonds. For most, very little contact – if any- with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been made before an arrest happened.

All N One Immigration Bonds & Insurance Services has created some FAQs about immigration bonds to help illegal aliens in getting an ICE immigration bond.

Who is an alien?

Anyone who is physically present in the United States (US) and is not a United States Citizen (USC), is an alien for purposes of US immigration law. An alien’s presence in the US may be either lawful or unlawful.

What is an immigration bond?

ICE immigration bonds are necessary when an illegal alien is held by the ICE. They exist as federal surety bonds or monetary agreements that the individual in question will be present at every court hearing.

An immigration bond is a civil bond which allows an alien charged with being in the US unlawfully, to be released from detention pending a determination on whether he/she is to be deported from the US. The person securing the bond (either the alien or someone acting on his/her behalf) posts collateral to guarantee the alien’s compliance with the requirements of the bond.

How does an alien obtain an immigration bond?

Although an alien may post his/her own immigration delivery bond, it is usually someone (e.g., a relative) acting on his/her behalf. This person may post a bond directly with ICE, or work through a company such as AllnOne Immigration Bonds which is licensed to post such bonds. If the person goes directly to ICE, he/she must post the full amount of the bond in cash. If he/she works through a bond company the collateral will be in a form mutually agreed upon with the bond company.

What are the requirements of an immigration bond?

Under the terms of an immigration delivery bond, the alien must surrender as required by a properly served notice on the obligor for the bond. This surrender demand is served on a Form I-340. The demand may be to appear for: (1) a hearing; (2) an interview; or (3) execution of a final order of removal (i.e., deportation of the alien from the US. The overwhelming majority of surrender demands are for execution of a formal order of removal. Failure to comply with a surrender demand will result in forfeiture of the collateral posted to obtain the bond.

Under what circumstances could an alien need an immigration bond?

If Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) determines that there is sufficient evidence to establish that an alien’s presence in the US is unlawful, it may arrest that alien, place him/her in civil detention, and serve him/her with a Notice to Appear (NTA) stating the specific nature of his/her alleged unlawful presence.

What constitutes unlawful presence?

If an alien either entered the US without being formally admitted at an official port of entry (either air, land, or sea), or was formally admitted but did not depart by the date specified on the I-94 given to him/her at the time of admission, his/her presence in the US is unlawful.

How do I know when the Defendant has to go to Court?

ICE notifies the defendant by mail of their court dates.

How long does it take to get released?

AllnOne needs to get everything ready before 2:00 PM in order to pay the bond and the defendant could be released the same day.

What is collateral?

Collateral is anything of value that is placed with the bond agent as security for the bond, Usually Real Estate.

When is the collateral returned?

The collateral will be released when the defendant completes the whole process with Immigration. Then ICE has to send the I-391 (the order to cancel the case) by mail to AllnOne’s office.

Is the premium (the bond fee) refundable?

No. The bond fee (premium) is the amount of money the client pays to AllnOne to post the bond.

Who sets the amount of an immigration bond?

Initially an ICE officer sets the amount on an immigration delivery bond. Most bond amounts range between $5,000 and $25,000. If the alien believes that the amount of his/her bond is unreasonably high, he/she may seek a bond redetermination hearing before an immigration judge (IJ).

What do immigration bonds cost?

Among the challenges that immigrants face is the task of procuring the fees required to post bond. This price can range from $500-$50,000 depending upon status, criminal history, family, and employment situations.

When a bond company is hired, the individual only has to pay a percentage of that – much more realistic for anyone trying to figure out how to pay immigration bonds.

Who’s eligible to receive an immigration bond?

Any illegal alien may receive an ICE immigration bond, as long as he or she has not done anything to be in mandatory detention. This would involve a crime which violates the general values of the public or which is drug-related.

All N One Immigration Bonds can help those looking into ICE immigration bonds with any further questions he or she may have, so that a complex process can be made much simpler.

Where can an immigration bond be posted?

Researching how to pay immigration bonds can yield various results, but there are two basic ways which stand above the rest.

First, if the detainee has the cash amount in full, he or she can pay that directly to the ICE. For example, residents of Clark County in Nevada should pay their funds to the Clark County DHS.

Secondly, if the alien cannot pay the sum in full, he or she can hire an immigration bond agent to post a surety bond with the ICE. Often in these cases, no money is exchanged, rather insurance is used to provide the sum from the bond company to the court. The detainee need only pay the agent a bond premium, an average of 15% in Nevada.

All N One Immigration Bonds offers to help aliens attain ICE immigration bonds with a premium of 15% and a $250.00 filing fee.

If the amount is paid in full, is it refundable?

After the necessary court proceedings, the amount posted will be refunded to the individual. This can take several weeks or several months, and can make the seemingly endless process even longer.

Once again, in hiring All N One Immigration Bonds to post bond for the alien, the immigration bond process is made much less complicated, and the individual will not have to wait an extended period to receive his or her money back.

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